Lea Ann, myself and all of us at Advanced Laser Clinics of Shreveport are SO excited to now offer LASER Tattoo Removal. We have been offering servicesAstanza Duality Tattoo Removal Shreveport to the Shreveport, Bossier City and surrounding areas since September of 2003. Over the years we have grown and expanded our offerings. For years we have been wanting to provide tattoo removal but have not been comfortable with the technology available. Procedures have been very painful and destructive to the skin — until now!! After years of research and review of the literature, we have found a system that allows for effective tattoo removal with truly minimal pain and great results. We have found a LASER manufacturing company that builds Lasers ONLY for tattoo removal using state of the art technology. Astanza Laser makes the Duality Q-switch Nd-Yag laser specifically for tattoo removal and we have that system. It is remarkable!

When you get a tattoo, it is with the understanding that it will be permanent. But things change right? Maybe the tattoo isn’t relevant to your life any longer. Maybe your job or profession prohibits tattoos. Maybe you wants to modify your tattoo but don’t want to get an oversized cover-up. We have the solution! With our Laser, we target the tattoo with wavelengths of light that the different color inks in the tattoo absorb without damaging the surrounding skin. When that Laser energy hits the ink it breaks it up, which in turn results in a “photo-acoustic” effect that acts as a shockwave to breakup the surrounding ink. Over the course of 6-8 weeks, that shattered ink is cleared by the immune system through the lymphatics of the body. The result is a progressive fading of the tattoo over time. The number of treatments required to completely remove a tattoo depends upon many factors, but most can be cleared in 3-8 sessions.

Come by the clinic and let us look at your tattoo — no charge for the consultation. See if Laser Tattoo removal is right for you!!