Advanced Laser Clinics of Shreveport is pleased to offer our clients Radio Frequency (RF) Sublative Rejuvenation via eMatrix by Syneron. With eMatrix, RF energy is delivered through a treatment tip that holds a grid of tiny electrodes giving the modality a fractional aspect.  Unlike most other skin rejuvenation modalities, Sublative Rejuvenation is not laser or light-based. Another unique aspect is that the thermal profile is pyramid shaped below the superficial skin layer instead of cone or column shaped; therefore, the therapeutic effect occurs through a small point of penetration that expands below the surface for deep volumetric subsurface heating.  This heating causes an inflammatory process that results in the enhancement of collagen volume and elasticity resulting in diminishment of fine lines and wrinkles and firmer, healthier skin with little injury (less down-time) to the surface skin.  Since Sublative Rejuvenation is not light-based, treatment is safe for all skin types.  For best results we recommend treatments once a month for three months followed by maintenance therapy every six months.