Most people don’t get tattoos because they stumbled into the tattoo parlor on a whim. Generally, the decision to get a tattoo is well thought out and the tatto chosen has special meaning at the time. We at ALC appreciate the talent and skill of our local tattoo artist. They truly have a gift! There are times, however, when life circumstances change and your tattoo no longer holds the special meaning it once did or when the practicalities of work and life dictate that your tattoo be removed. When that happens Advanced Laser Clinics of Shreveport is here for you.

But what if you just want your tattoo modified? What if  you just want part of it removed or you want a previous cover-up removed and redone? Or what if you want a new tattoo in the place of an old one? Well, Advanced Laser Clinics of Shreveport can help there too!! photos_body_10With our Astanza Duality Q-Switch laser, we can selectivey target the tatto, removing only that portion of the tattoo that you want removed. A name, a symbol, a pattern or a portion can be taken off, giving your tattoo the apperance you desire or a clean slate upon which your tattoo artist can work. So if you want your tattoo “touched-up”, give us a call or come by for a free consultation.